Complete Oven and Carpet

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

We provide a full care program for Marble, Terrazzo, Vinyl, Ceramic, Quarry and Wood – also including a complete carpet and upholstery cleaning service using only branded, well maintained machinery and industry standard chemicals…

 How we clean your carpets 


Before cleaning comences, your carpets will be assesed to determin the fibre and manufacturing process, ie woven or tufted, wool or polypropelene. Your carpets will also be inspected for any seams or signs of damage.

The operative will spray your carpets with various treatments such as firbre rinse and traffic lane cleaner. 

The operative will discuss with you what furniture you require moving and then cleaning will commence using the Ashby Enforcer twin vacuumed extraction machine. The operative will first clean around all the edges and corners using the hand unit before cleaning the main area of the room. All chemicals used are from the industry’s leading manufacturers and will not leave sticky residues nor are they harmful to children or pets. The machine will also kill and remove carpet mites which is an added bonus for allergy sufferers.





Our Oven Cleaning Prices Start From…

Single Oven


Double Oven


Standard Hob


Large Hob